The 5 people you meet in slasher movies

November 26, 2017

Originality can be a good thing in movies. After all, who wants to watch the same thing over and over again? But sometimes you prefer a story that feels familiar, even if it’s not the greatest quality. Here are five of my favorite stock characters from the ever popular slasher movies.

The Douchebag Jock



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This character often wears a letterman jacket to show off his jock-ness. If the characters are in a remote cabin, it’s probably owned by his family. He brings most of the beer, and is either trying to sleep with The Final Girl or already sleeping with the slut. Or both.





The Slut


This usually female character has, erm…been around the block. She often brags about sleeping with the teacher to get a passing grade. Wears low cut tops and short shorts to show off her, um, assets. Is usually friends or at least friendly with The Final Girl, though she won’t hesitate to sleep with her boyfriend. Hey, it’s not her fault The Final Girl won’t put out, right? The Slut is usually the first to go and is generally disliked, not because she sleeps around but because she prioritizes her libido over the well being of others.



The Token Minority

Most people don’t care at all what race, gender, or sexuality a character is, as long as they’re interesting. But if you don’t want the social justice crazies against you, you need to include a Token Minority. They’re usually black, Asian, gay, or some combination thereof. Bonus points if they’re female. Most people think they die first…but come on, that’s just a stereotype.


The Brain


The Brain conveniently has all the knowledge the others need to defeat the killer. They’re usually male and may be companions of the core group, or may be some old man who was affected by the monster decades ago but never defeated it. Because surely a bunch of drunk teenagers are more equipped to defeat a killer than a grown man…right?



The Final Girl


As the name suggests, this character is the last survivor and is almost always a girl. Said girl usually defeats the killer somehow and manages to escape. She doesn’t have to be a virgin, but it helps. Chances are, even if she’s had sex, you won’t see her naked here. Sorry boys. (And some girls.)



Any other slasher movie characters I’m missing? 

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