My top 4 horror related YouTube channels

January 12, 2018

I’ve become quite the YouTube addict lately. Last year, after a slipped disc in my neck made any sort of upper body movement extremely painful, I spent most of my afternoons binging on whatever I could find streaming. It’s astonishing how far alternative media has come in the past few years — some channels have content that’s high quality enough to rival the big TV networks. Here are some channels I enjoy that have horror or paranormal related content.


Cayleigh Elise: On her part paranormal, part true crime channel, creator Cayleigh Elise switches back and forth between fun, supernatural videos and darker, more serious cases of real unsolved crimes. The tone shift is drastic, but she’s surprisingly good at the transition. I get a lot of blog ideas from her so if some of our stories overlap, that’s why. She also has a subscriber storytime, so if you’ve ever had a paranormal encounter, you can submit it to her and she might read it in a video.
Most of her videos lately have been serious, but here’s a more lighthearted, paranormal related one.

After Dark Analysis: Formerly known as ‘Blood, Guts, and Social Commentary,’ the woman who narrates this channel analyzes every horror trope imaginable, along with various elements of horror movies and why certain ones still impact us today.

Buzzfeed Unsolved; Supernatural: Buzzfeed has gotten a bad rep lately. But when they’re not releasing completely unsubstantiated dossiers or painting with period blood, they can actually be pretty entertaining. The series Buzzfeed Unsolved usually focuses on unsolved crimes, but every other season delves into supernatural cases to attempt to answer the question “Are ghosts real?”

Ask A Mortician: I’m not sure Caitlin Doughty would like being considered “horror” related. But the California based mortician is full of of morbid facts, from what happened to the bodies on the Titanic to information about the funeral industry. Horror fans as well as aspiring morticians and even history nerds should look into her channel.


What are your favorite horror related YouTube channels?

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